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PILSNER (5.3%ABV) Hops: Motueka, Czech Saaz Malts: Pilsen, Munich, Carapils Brewed: in 2500 litre batches at Maunsell St Brewery Cassels and Sons Pilsner is our oldest beer. Clear and light in appearance with a citrus, grassy aroma. The immediately noticeable flavour is punchy, zesty, clean and fresh with a dry finish. A great match with oily food. This beer has much in common with our Lager, but is more generously hopped. Pouring a bright golden hue beneath a pillowy white head, the aroma and palate offer an attractive honey-like sweetness, with lemony and passionfruit notes from the New Zealand hops blending with the biscuit and caramel from the malts. Carbonate-laden water from the brewery’s own well gives the beer a firm, but creamy mouthfeel which distances it from most European Pilseners, but the emphatic dry finish is entirely appropriate. With sufficient bitterness to cut through oily food such as salmon or deep fried fish and chips, this beer is also a fine match for strongly flavoured shellfish like mussels and oysters, or spicy Thai, Indian and Chinese cuisine. 4.8% ABV Geoff Griggs – October 2011
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